Deli Shuttered Due to Health Code Violations: Owner Vows to Fix Issues before Reopening

City Health Department forces closure of Famous 4th Street Deli

The Famous 4th Street Deli in Queen Village has been ordered to close by the city Health Department due to multiple health code violations. These violations include the discovery of mouse droppings on a slicer and prep tables, as well as the absence of chlorine in the dishwashing machine’s sanitizing solution. Additionally, no staff members certified in food safety were present during the inspection.

Owner Al Gamble, who purchased the deli in January, accepted responsibility for the violations and expressed determination to fix them. He stated that the goal is to reopen the deli by Friday following a reinspection that requires a fee of $315. The lack of proper certifications for food handling was an oversight on the part of management.

Inspections provide a snapshot of the conditions at the time of the visit, and many of the issues found during this inspection were repeat violations. These included rodent activity, improperly covered foods, and the lack of sanitizer solution. New violations such as food residue and mouse droppings on slicers were also discovered, which were not being cleaned properly.

A notice posted on the deli’s front door informed customers of the temporary closure, thanking them for their understanding and indicating a planned reopening on Friday. Gamble stated that despite

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