Empowering Women in Business: A Free Presentation at Saint Vincent College

Panel Discussion on Women in Business Hosted by Saint Vincent College

In honor of International Women’s History Month, a free presentation on women in business will be held at Saint Vincent College on Tuesday. The event will feature a four-member panel to discuss relevant issues, with all welcome to attend and no advance registration required.

The panel includes Abby Geisel, a Saint Vincent alumna with over a decade of experience in marketing and communications at FedEx. She has also participated in the International Women’s Forum Global Conference. Taleesha Johnson is another alumna who co-owns the photo booth company Picturesque PGH and is involved with the Promise Legacy and the Saint Vincent College Alumni Council.

Victoria Piekut Bobak, CEO and co-founder of Wight Elephant Boutique, started her successful clothing store in her college apartment in 2016. Laurie Havrisko, an alumna as well, works in public education and is assistant to the superintendent for student services at Greater Latrobe School District. She is completing a doctorate in community engagement.

Jeff Himler, a TribLive reporter covering Greater Latrobe, Ligonier Valley, Mt. Pleasant Area, and Derry Area school districts and their communities, will also be present to provide insights on local issues affecting women in business. With over three decades of journalism experience, he enjoys exploring local history and can be contacted at jhimler@triblive.com.

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