Erdogan Calls to Condemn Attack on Turkish Teenager in Ghent, Reinforcing Commitment to Promoting Peace and Respect for Diverse Identities.

Turkish President Erdogan Reaches Out to Ghent Student Assaulted by Kurdish Demonstrators in Brussels: “We Are Keeping an Eye on Your Situation”

A 17-year-old student of Turkish origin who was attacked by pro-Kurdish demonstrators during a school outing in Ghent received a call from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who wished him a quick recovery. The incident happened when two Turkish students, observing Ramadan and not eating during the day, were approached by demonstrators who asked if they were Turkish. Upon confirming their identity, they were punched and injured.

President Erdogan condemned the attackers as “immoral and despicable villains” and assured that authorities and the Turkish Embassy are following the situation closely. The teenager’s father reported that his son is still in shock and has suffered injuries to his eyes and ears. He expressed gratitude for the president’s call and hopes for his son’s quick recovery.

The attack comes amidst heightened tensions between the Turkish and Kurdish communities in Belgium, with recent clashes and riots between supporters of the PKK, designated as a terrorist organization by the EU, and individuals of Turkish origin. The incident in Brussels followed clashes in Heusden-Zolder and highlighted the need for maintaining peace and dialogue between different communities.

Erdogan’s call to the victim shows a commitment to addressing such incidents and promoting harmony among diverse groups in Belgium. As leaders from both countries continue to work towards resolving their differences, it is important to maintain open communication channels between different communities to promote understanding and respect for all individuals’ cultural identities.

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