Helinski Stock Exchange sees mixed results: In this rises, Tecnotree decreases

Helsinki Stock Exchange closes near zero with SRV surging over 14 percent

The Helsinki Stock Exchange saw a slight rise on Monday, with the general index up 0.1 percent at 9765.16 points. The most traded stock of the day was fuel company In this, which saw a 4.0 percent increase to 25.67 euros.

In this was followed by construction company SRV Companies, which experienced a strong rise of 14.3 percent to 4.89 euros. Meanwhile, IT company Tecnotree saw a decrease of 4.9 percent to 0.27 euros, while Remedy Entertainment and iCare both experienced decreases of 3.6 percent and 3.1 percent respectively.

Engineering company Training announced an investment in filter cloth production in Brazil to meet the demand from the mining, pulp, and paper industries, while Valmet’s share ended with a 2.5 percent decrease. Media Group PunaMusta also made headlines for announcing layoffs due to production discontinuation in Lahti.

Stockmann’s general meeting approved a name change to Lindex Group, effective on Friday, while Carsed’s share ended with a decrease of 1.9 percent and Loihtu announced share issues for staff and management incentive programs

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