Import of ‘Ararat Brandy Factory’ Products Banned Due to Dye Contamination: Lesson Learned for Food Manufacturers

Ararat Cognac Factory products banned in Belarus

The regional center of hygiene, epidemiology, and public health in Gomel has announced that the import and sale of products from the “Ararat Brandy Factory” have been banned due to inconsistencies in the product. According to a press release from Alexander Tarasenko, the chief state sanitary doctor of Belarus, the factory’s products will be removed from circulation and properly disposed of after a harmful dye was detected in them.

The “Ararat Brandy Factory” is known for producing wine and brandy products, and this news serves as a cautionary measure to ensure public safety and health in Belarus. It is a reminder of the importance of strict quality control measures in the production and distribution of food and beverage items. The decision to ban these products underscores how critical it is for companies to prioritize consumer safety above all else.

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