Innovative Collaborations: Prof. Ajay K Sood and Prof. Mark Winston Discuss Potential Partnerships to Boost Global Technology

Chief Scientific Advisor for Wales presents Welsh circular economy in collaboration with Indian counterpart

Prof. Ajay K Sood is a highly influential figure in the science and technology sector in India, providing advice to the Government on strategic scientific matters both domestically and internationally. He recently met with Prof. Badyal as part of a larger visit to New Delhi, Bengaluru, and Mumbai.

During their meeting, Prof. Badyal expressed his excitement about showcasing Welsh-based technology and innovations to rapidly growing high GDP economies on a global scale. He highlighted the unique opportunity to discuss these opportunities with someone like Prof. Sood, who holds leadership and stature on an international level. The Year of Wales in India has already seen successful strategic relationships being forged, with the hope of mutual benefits and collaborations arising from each other’s work.

The two professors also discussed Wales’ circular economy sectors and areas where they could potentially benefit each other in the future. Addressing environmental protection was emphasized as one of the greatest challenges facing humanity today. They plan to follow up on topics of mutual interest before scheduling another meeting later in the year.

Following the meeting, Prof. Sood expressed his satisfaction with the exchange, stating that it would strengthen the engagement between India and Wales on mutual scientific interests. He recognized the scope for collaboration in various areas such as green energy, biodiversity, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and more. Prof. Sood acknowledged Wales’ efforts in the circular economy model and expressed a desire to increase exchanges on this front. He welcomed the opportunity to combine strengths to develop innovative solutions through shared research and investment to address common and global challenges.

Professor Badyal’s visit provided an excellent opportunity for both nations to explore potential partnerships that could benefit both countries’ technological advancements.

In conclusion, Prof

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