Israeli Prime Minister Stands Up to UN Security Council: Cancels Trip to Washington Amid Gaza Ceasefire Talks

Netanyahu: Cancelled Trip to US Sends Message to Hamas

The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, announced on Wednesday that he had canceled a trip to Washington by an official delegation in response to the United Nations Security Council resolution calling for a ceasefire in Gaza. Netanyahu explained that this decision was meant as a message to Hamas, urging them not to trust pressure tactics. He emphasized that the resolution and Washington’s abstention from the vote had emboldened Hamas to take a tough stance against Israel.

The delegation was supposed to travel to Washington to discuss a potential military offensive against the city of Rafah in southern Gaza. President Joe Biden had requested Netanyahu to consider the option of targeting Hamas in Gaza without a major ground offensive. This move came after the UN Security Council resolution gained support, the first text to do so since the conflict began.

Despite the cancellation of the delegation’s trip, talks in Doha between Israel and Hamas are ongoing. The Israeli Prime Minister criticized Hamas for not being interested in negotiations for a ceasefire agreement, citing the group’s extreme demands. The conflict between Israel and Hamas has resulted in a significant number of casualties on both sides.

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