Kajima Corporation’s Groundbreaking Development in Reducing CO2 Emissions for Construction of Osaka-Kansai Expo Dome

Kajima introduces eco-friendly concrete technology for Osaka Expo Dome

The construction industry has always been a significant contributor to carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, but Kajima Corporation is looking to change that. Recently, the company announced a groundbreaking development in reducing CO2 emissions for the construction of a concrete dome that will be part of the 2025 Osaka-Kansai Expo.

Kajima plans to utilize a low-carbon concrete technology that can cut emissions by 70% compared to traditional construction methods. This innovative technology not only reduces emissions but also creates stronger and more durable building materials.

The dome, constructed with reinforced concrete, will have a height of 5.45 meters and an oval shape with dimensions of 23 by 18 meters. It will function as an exhibition space focused on environmental education, providing visitors with valuable insights into how we can transition towards a sustainable future.

Construction of the dome is slated to begin in April and should be completed by November 2024. Japan 2 Earth (J2E) offers more information about this trial construction project and the potential of this technology to lower emissions in the construction industry.

In addition to reducing CO2 emissions, Kajima aims to achieve sustainability through its use of renewable energy sources during the construction process. By using solar panels and wind turbines, Kajima hopes to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels and create a cleaner work environment for its employees.

For more articles on environmental issues and the challenges of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), visit Japan 2 Earth (J2E). J2E provides valuable insights into how we can transition towards a sustainable future and overcome some of the biggest challenges facing our planet today.

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