Mossad’s Secret Ops Against Gina Bensouda: Insider Account of Operations Targeting Prosecutors

Yossi Cohen reportedly threatened former Hague prosecutor, The Guardian reveals

In his time as head of the Mossad, Cohen was personally involved in actions against the court that were approved at a high level. A senior Israeli official justified his involvement by stating that the court posed a threat to the prosecution of military personnel.

According to sources close to the matter, Bensouda was targeted by the Mossad for their own purposes. The agency allegedly sought to harm her or convince her to cooperate with Israeli demands. Cohen is said to have made statements to Bensouda urging her to help them and insisting that they could take care of her.

Additionally, it was revealed that transcripts of Bensouda’s husband’s secret tapes were obtained by the Mossad and used as evidence against her. This investigation highlights ongoing concerns about Israeli intelligence agencies’ secret operations against the court over nearly a decade.

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