Nokian Tires: Searching for a New CEO to Replace Outgoing Jukka Moisio

CEO of Nokian Tires, Jukka Moisio, announces retirement

Nokian Tires is currently on the hunt for a new CEO to replace Jukka Moisio, who announced his retirement this year. Moisio has been with the company since 2020 and has played a significant role in its growth and development. Prior to his position at Nokian Tires, he held leadership positions at Huhtamäki and Ahlstrom.

Under Moisio’s leadership, Nokian Tires made several strategic decisions, including withdrawing from Russia and opening a carbon dioxide-free tire factory in Romania. These initiatives helped the company solidify its position in the market and contribute to its success. In the past year alone, Nokian Tires generated nearly 1.2 billion euros in turnover and employed over 3,400 individuals.

The upcoming change in leadership marks a new chapter for Nokian Tires as they continue to innovate and expand their operations. The board’s search for Moisio’s successor signifies their commitment to ensuring a smooth transition and maintaining their trajectory of growth and success in the future.

In conclusion, Nokian Tires is set to undergo a major shift in leadership as they search for a new CEO to replace Jukka Moisio. Despite this change, the company remains committed to continuing its growth and expansion while maintaining its position as a leader in the tire industry.

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