PAHO Identifies Strategic Areas for Technical Cooperation in Human Resources for Health in Venezuela

PAHO/WHO and health authorities in Venezuela collaborate to outline key areas for technical support in human resources for health

In March 2024, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) conducted a country mission in Venezuela to identify strategic areas of technical cooperation in human resources for health (HRH). The mission aimed to focus on policy development, training, distribution, attraction, and retention of HRH, with a specific emphasis on primary health care.

During the mission, PAHO identified several areas where they could support Venezuela. They suggested updating HRH policies, strengthening information systems for HRH planning and forecasting, developing competencies through interprofessional education, and utilizing the virtual Campus for Public Health. As a result of these discussions, cooperation priorities were established such as updating the HRH National Plan, enhancing the national HRH observatory, analyzing the health workforce and organizing interprofessional teams.

Benjamín Puertas, Unit Chief of Human Resources for Health at PAHO met with representatives from the Ministry of Popular Power for Health and the Direction of Integration and International Affairs in Venezuela. He also visited training centers and primary health care services to engage in discussions with directors and students. This technical cooperation mission is part of PAHO’s broader efforts to strengthen human resources for health in the Americas region.

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