Revolutionizing Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention: How 3motionAI is Changing the Game

AI technology from 3motionAI detects risk of musculoskeletal injuries

Reed Hanoun, founder and CEO of 3motionAI, emphasized the importance of prioritizing prevention through technology to reduce the millions spent on managing post-injury needs and recovery. The company aims to revolutionize the assessment, performance enhancement, and management of musculoskeletal (MSK) injuries on a global scale by addressing the root cause of these injuries proactively.

3motionAI offers a streamlined solution that provides real-time data capture, analysis, and predictive reporting to prevent injuries from happening. Through a mobile app, users can receive instant actionable insights using 3motionAI technology. This includes flagging performance indicators and hidden injury risks to help individuals proactively manage their musculoskeletal health.

The traditional methods of assessing MSK injuries involve manual data collection, physical exams, and motion sensors conducted post-injury. In contrast, 3motionAI provides a solution that enables individuals to take control of their musculoskeletal health before an injury occurs.

By utilizing injury management tools, 3motionAI aims to reduce the annual costs associated with workplace injuries, insurers’ expenditures on MSK care, and the number of avoidable surgeries. This can have a significant impact on employers, insurers, and sports teams by preventing injuries before they occur.

In conclusion, 3motionAI is set to revolutionize the way MSK injuries are assessed, managed and prevented globally by providing real-time data capture and analysis through its mobile app. By prioritizing prevention through technology

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