Russia Vows to Combat Terrorism: Russian President Vladimir Putin Addresses Moscow Concert Hall Attack

Putin attributes Moscow attack to radical Islamists and questions motives.

On Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that the recent attack on a concert hall in Moscow was carried out by radical Islamists. The incident resulted in 139 deaths, and Putin emphasized the need to investigate who might benefit from such an event.

Putin suggested that Ukrainian authorities may be involved in the attack and called for a thorough investigation into the incident to determine the true motives behind it. He linked the attack to previous confrontations with Russia by the neo-Nazi regime in Kyiv since 2014. Putin expressed concern over the possibility of the attack being intended to spread chaos in the country but noted that the Russian people have shown unity and determination to combat such acts of terrorism.

The Russian Investigative Committee reported that four attackers arrived at the concert hall armed with AK-47 assault rifles and ammunition, with investigations revealing that they had planned their attack carefully. Over 200 searches and seizures have been conducted in connection with the case, resulting in several individuals arrested for their involvement in the attack.

Those arrested have confessed to their roles in the attack, with some being sentenced to provisional arrest for terrorism. Among those arrested are brothers and a father who allegedly provided support to the perpetrators. The investigation is ongoing, and Putin reiterated his commitment to uncovering all aspects of this plot, including identifying any additional individuals involved.

Putin stated during a press conference on Monday that Russia will continue its efforts to combat terrorism and ensure its citizens’ safety.

Overall, this terrorist act has brought attention to Russia’s struggle against radical ideologies and extremist groups operating within its borders. It also highlights the importance of continued cooperation between different countries in combating such threats effectively.

In conclusion, Putin’s statement about Russia’s ongoing efforts against terrorism is noteworthy as it reaffirms his commitment towards ensuring his country’s safety while also acknowledging its struggle against radical ideologies and extremist groups operating within its borders.

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