Tech Advantage in Hospitality: New Study Reveals Importance of Customized Technologies in Restaurant Business

Report on the Restaurant Technology Landscape in 2024

New research has shown that consumer attitudes toward restaurant technology vary greatly based on demographic and service segment. Operators who match their tech investments to the customer base they serve have a competitive advantage, as 76% of operators believe that using technology gives them an edge. However, many feel that their restaurants could do more to keep up with the latest tech advancements.

Customers’ favorite tech options are those that make it easier and faster to order and pay. In fact, 7 in 10 adults look for deals when ordering takeout or delivery or dining in a restaurant. A majority of full-service customers say they would be likely to place an order or pay the check using a tablet at the table, while 7 in 10 limited-service customers say they would be likely to place an order using a smartphone app, and 8 in 10 delivery customers say they would order delivery using a smartphone app.

Operators have important opportunities to enhance the customer experience, amplify marketing, and operate more efficiently through technology. While the majority of operators consider the technology in their businesses to be mainstream rather than leading edge, choosing the right tech for their customers’ convenience while maintaining high-touch hospitality is key to today’s business. By identifying which technologies customers in each segment would like to have, really want, and must have, operators can plan to invest in technology that meets their customers’ needs.

The Restaurant Technology Landscape Report 2024 is based on surveys of restaurant operators and consumers.

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