The New Kickoff Rule: How NFL Teams are Adjusting their Draft Boards for the Future of the Game

Kickoff rule changes could significantly impact draft boards

In just 29 days, the annual process of scouting and drafting new talent will begin. This year, NFL teams are aware of a new kickoff rule that is set to revolutionize the game. The resurrection of the kickoff play will prompt them to start planning for it, as they adjust their draft boards to accommodate this game-changing rule.

Players with expertise in the return game will be in high demand, as teams will need individuals who can excel in the limited space created by the new kickoff configuration. This rule change will also impact roster decisions on game day, with teams possibly opting for more linebackers and safeties to fill the new 10-man alignment tasked with breaking through the gaps and reaching the return specialist.

The shift will be significant, and teams that can effectively maximize their own returns while minimizing their opponents’ returns will have a significant advantage in the upcoming season and possibly in the future if the experimental rule becomes permanent. The new set of skills required for successful blocking and tackling under this unique player arrangement adds an extra layer of complexity to an already challenging game.

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