Towards Peace and Resilience: The State Department’s Goal for Armenia and Azerbaijan Meeting in Brussels

Miller’s goal is to promote Yerevan and Baku to collaborate on a long-lasting peace deal

The goal of the State Department in every engagement with the governments of Armenia and Azerbaijan is to encourage them to work towards resolving their differences and achieving a lasting peace agreement. According to State Department spokesman Matthew Miller, the upcoming meeting between the Prime Minister of Armenia, the Secretary of State of the United States, and the President of the European Commission in Brussels on April 5 will focus on trilateral cooperation between these three countries. While specific details about the agenda were not provided, it is clear that the aim is to address areas of cooperation and strengthen Armenia’s resilience.

The meeting in Brussels will involve discussions on ways to enhance collaboration between Armenia, the United States, and Europe. Secretary of Security Council Armen Grigoryan stated that this focus will be on finding solutions to longstanding disputes and conflicts in order to promote peace and cooperation in the region. Additionally, he noted that one of the objectives of this meeting will be to bolster Armenia’s resilience. However, specific details about how this will be achieved were not provided. Overall, it seems that this meeting will provide an opportunity for these three countries to come together and work towards creating a more stable and peaceful region.

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