Unlocking the Secrets of Science and Technology: The 2024 IMPA Journalism Awards

Cash rewards offered for reporting on mathematics and science in Brazil

The prestigious Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics (IMPA) is currently seeking submissions for the 2024 IMPA Journalism Awards. This competition recognizes outstanding journalism that effectively communicates mathematics, science, and technology to the general public.

Journalists who cover these topics are encouraged to participate in this prestigious competition. There are two categories to enter: Mathematics and Popular Science. Submissions can include news stories from a variety of media platforms, including newspapers, magazines, websites, blogs, TV, radio, and more. Entries must have been published or broadcast between July 1, 2023 and June 23, 2024 to be eligible for consideration.

The winners in each category will receive monetary prizes of BRL10,000 for first place, BRL5,000 for second place and BRL3,000 for third place. This is an excellent opportunity for journalists to showcase their work and be recognized for their contributions to science communication.

The deadline for submissions is June 23rd so journalists are encouraged to submit their work before this date in order to be considered for the award. Let’s celebrate and encourage excellence in journalism that makes complex topics more accessible to the public.

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